Elema is a sought-after and popular Belarusian brand.

20 Июля 2022

Lovers of high-quality, classic things will suit products from the Classic Line, Your Line lines.
The range of used types of fabrics is very diverse: virgin wool, cashmere, alpaca.
In Elema collections, the advantage is completely given to versatility, convenience and practicality. Expressive silhouettes and bright colors harmoniously add elegance and excellent style to the models. Modern fashionistas with a variety of variations, shapes, combinations, textures and color combinations will be able to create vivid images.
To the Tax Free system was connected the firm store of the Belarusian brand at the address 3-2 Nezavisimosti Ave., Minsk.
Savings on purchases for non-residents of the EAEU 15% of the buying amount without VAT.
Have a good shopping!!!