Shopping in Vitebsk

13 Сентября 2017

Vitebsk is a city of contrasts. Today Vitebsk is proud of its architectural ensembles, monuments and its history. Meanwhile you can combine walking around the city with shopping, saving 12,5% on your purchases with Tax Free service.


Vitebsk is pleasant to walk the streets: from the station heading straight for Kirov Street,here you can try Tax Free shopping at Crystal, Izumrud, Tsarskoe Zoloto, where you will be surprised by a wide choice of jewelry; and  Komintern, a brand store of the Belarusian fashionable menswear manufacturer.

Simply impossible to pass by the Governor's Palace, even Napoleon himself could not ignore its obvious beauty. Afterwards, you may go to Neman brand store from Belarusian main glass factory, which offers a large range of crystal and glass products for table setting and interior decoration.

вокзал.jpgкировский мост.jpgгубернаторский дворец.jpg


The visiting card of the city is the Vitebsk Regional Museum of Local Lore and the largest square in the whole Republic. Giving the feeling of space and freedom, the Victory Square lets you experience the state of infinity and calm happiness. There is the Marco-City Center: being the architectural symbol of modern Vitebsk, the glass pyramids complex has become the epicenter of citizens and tourists entertainment. Here you can make purchases with Tax Free in 7 Karat and Diamond jewelry stores, Kravtperfumery and cosmetics store, as well asBurvin clothing store and Marco shoe store.  

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Vitebsk became one of the first cities not only in Belarus, but throughout the Russian Empire, along the streets of which the tram ran. That’s why the unique tram museum was opened here in the end of 20 century. After the acquaintance with the history of the city, this has left some time to choose gifts for your friends and relatives. Heading to Chkalov Street, you can buy products from natural stones in Yakhont store, gold and silver jewelry in Tsarskoye Zoloto and 7 carats stores, saving 12.5 % using Tax Free service.

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Enjoy Tax Free hopping in Belarus!