Spring/ Summer 2018 Shoe Trends

30 Мая 2018

Spring/ Summer 2018 Shoe Trends are so various that it is difficult to imagine a sharp dresser who does not find a pair for personal preference:

  • High-heeled sandals
  • Laced up, wrapped up, flat sandals
  • Iridescent fabrics and metallic colors
  • Shoes with transparent inserts
  • Mid heel shoes
  • Sport Shoes: sandals, sneakers, slippers, crocs…

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Marko footwear enjoys high popularity and steady demand for trendy women's and men's collections - Marko Prestige and Marko Premier, for classical Marko Elegant and Marko Classic collections, and for comfortable and practical shoes of Marko Comfort.
Kari - Pierre Cardin brand shoes (shoes, boots, as well as ankle and high boots) have retained their luxury and chic for many years. Kari admires the latest technology and natural materials: leather, suede leather, high quality textiles, orthopedic shoes.
LINXS occupies one of the leading positions in the fashion industry and offers affordable shoes in five stylistic directions: Comfort, Classic, Style, Casual, Sport.
All fashion collections are represented in the Department stores of Minsk, Brest, Grodno, Gomel, Mogilev, Vitebsk – all of them are Tax Free partner stores.

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Prepared on the basis of partner stores websites and http://trendy-u.com