Spring: time for change and shopping

1 Марта 2019

Dresses look like candy wrappers, shell bags, the softest shades of pink - spring trends are worth getting away from puffer jackets and warm shoes. Moreover, we already have a list of things you cannot do without this year.
Дизайн без названия (64).jpeg Trends:

 functionality, volume, sportswear, cycling shorts, flat shoes, “relaxed” suits, Victorian style and romanticism, puffed shoulders, tie-dye, combination and "candy" dresses, silver, neon,   pastel colors, especially pink.
 With the coming of the first day of spring, we all want to throw off the outerwear and put your head up in the long-awaited sun. However, the first spring sunbeams don’t so warm as   we hoped, and the gusty wind even at the end of May can make shake to the bones, forcing us to return to warm clothes thrown on the far shelf till next season.
 Where to go shopping for trendy things?
Large department stores: TSUM, GUM, trade house “Na Nemige”, Kirmash, department store “Belarus” and also the network of branded stores Eliz, Elema, Conte, Belarusian fur, Kingdom of Fur, Burvin.
Fashion boutiques: Canali, Dolce Vita, Laurel.
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