Tax Free is even faster and easier

20 Февраля 2019

Now Tax Free is refunded in cash at the National Airport "Minsk" at the point of issue located in the departure area, and through 27 branches of Belarusbank at checkpoints on the border with Poland (“Berestovitsa”, “Bruzgi”, “Kozlovichi", "Domachevo","Peschatka","Brest"), with Lithuania ("Privalka","Benyakoni","Stone Log","Kotlovka"), with Latvia ("Grigorovshchina","Urbany"), with Ukraine (“Novaya Guta”, “Novaya Rudnya”, “Verkhniy Terebezhev”, “Mokrany”, “Glushkevichi”, “Komarin”).
In January 2019, “Kamenny Log” became the first checkpoint where such a service was organized for foreigners departing from the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union by road transport.
карта4 с ПП.jpg
Refund at branches of Belarusbank, located at these checkpoints, are carried out without a fee in the amount of 15% of the purchase sum without VAT. Previously, a refund was performed only by cashless transfer on a bank card.
Today, more than 500 stores in the country provide an opportunity for foreign citizens to purchase goods through the Tax Free system operated by the Beltamozhservice Republican unitary enterprise.