Tax Free: Watch. indispensable fashion accessory

22 Августа 2017

Two decades ago, wrist watch was almost indispensable accessory in everyone's life, however little thought was given to a brand.  With time, watch has turned from mere time-keeping to status accessory. 

Nowadays, watches made in restrained and modest forms are in fashion, fanciful stresses and colorful wristlets have gone in the past. Most of well-known designers follow classical forms; however, by the way, it is no need to chase a brand. When choosing a watch, the purpose of purchase should be clearly defined: for colloquial day- to-day usage, or as a prestigious article for celebratory and majestic gatherings.

Immortal classic.   Classical style is more typical for a man, at the same time modern women’s watches have some kind of masculinity. This style involves certain color range of dials and wristlets: generally classical silver, intense blue and charcoal gray colors are for dials and all shades of black and brown are for leather wristlets.

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Romantic style represents a graceful vintage dial with two or three multicolored intertwined strips, supplemented by pendants and beads.

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New black. Pandora’s watch-bracelets are the most loved and trending fashion accessories of the season. The decoration fits perfectly to almost any image and looks great both with frayed jeans and a small black cocktail dress.

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But before, determine the features you need: whether there is a need for some additional options: alarm clock, second hand, several dials, lighting, calendar etc. On the one hand, the advantage of mechanical watches is serving-convenience and durability; on the other hand electronic watches are more precise.

Nevertheless, in the freedom of choice there is always a risk to choose something inappropriate for your image.

Be careful and enjoy Tax Free Shopping in Belarus!