Trend 2022: Ceramic jewellery

31 Октября 2022

On sunny days, you especially want to add brightness and lightness to your look. Then ceramic jewellery is your choice. Bright, stylish and original pieces can accentuate individuality and add femininity to the outfit. The fashion for such products began a few years ago, but in 2022 it has taken on new colours. This spring, the “7 Karat” jewellery chain shop has diluted the classic monochrome palette with ultra trendy colours: lilac, yellow, blue, pink and green. Deep, saturated and vibrant colours create a truly summer look and are suitable for all outfits-casual, evening and especially cocktail outfits.

For those who love the casual style, ceramic rings and earrings are a must-have.
Jewellery can be purchased on a Tax Free system (only for non-residents of the Eurasian Economic Union).
A list of shops can be found here…
A jewellery chain shop at 59A Yunosty Blvd in Mozyr has also joined the Tax Free system.