You can get a tax free refund by: 

     1. cashless transfer to a bank card within 30 days. You can send a Tax Free Form by post within 6 months after the export of goods or place Form in a box at the checkpoint in a special envelope. 

Carefully and legibly write down the number and expiration date of the credit card. The bank card number consists of 16 digits; it is not necessary to indicate the number of your bank account. Refund is possible only on Visa, Master Card, UnionPay cards issued for a foreign resident. 

Incorrectly filled bank card details – (leads to a) denial of refund.

      2. cash 

- at the National Airport “Minsk” at the Beltamozhservice point of issue located in the arrivals area, by presenting Tax Free Form. 

Directly at the National Airport "Minsk" to issue a refund, Customs recommends you to reserve about 15-20 minutes.
Before handing in your baggage, you should arrive at the Customs post in the first sector of departure near the place of delivery of oversized baggage and invite Customs officer by telephone at the post. In the event that goods are exported in hand luggage, you should proceed to the red corridor when passing through Customs control. Customs officers will identify the exported goods, check them with the documents submitted and make the necessary marks on the Form, as well as explain where you can obtain a refund within the Tax Free System. 

- through the branches of Belarusbank located at the republican customs clearance points on the border with Poland (“Berestovitsa”, “Bruzgi”, “Kozlovichi", "Domachevo","Peschatka"," Varshavskiy Most"), with Lithuania ("Privalka","Benyakoni","Kamenny Log","Kotlovka"), with Latvia ("Grigorovshchina","Urbany"), with Ukraine (“Novaya Guta”, “Novaya Rudnya”, “Verkhniy Terebezhov”, "Glushkevichi", "Komarin", “Mokrany”). 

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Additional information about checkpoints is available on the official website of the State Border Committee of the Republic of Belarus.