About Conte

19 Мая 2021

Conte creates timeless collections. The brand's calling card is laconicism, original design cut and attention to details. We are the choice of self-confident people who value the uniqueness and high quality of each component of their wardrobe.
Conte is:
- natural fabrics;
- ECO-friendly jeans;
- limited collections.

In addition, products by Conte can be purchased through the Tax Free system in stores, located at the following addresses:
- Lenin Str., Bld. 4, Minsk;
- Dubko Str., Bld. 17, Grodno, “Old city” Shopping Center;
- Sovetskaya Str., Bld. 18, “Neman” Shopping Center, Grodno;
- Yanka Kupala Ave., Bld. 87, “Triniti” Mall, Grodno.