Shopping in Mogilev

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29 August 2017

Cozy and friendly city on the Dnieper River … Mogilev. The city is surrounded by picturesque landscapes of the banks of the Dnieper River. Ancient monuments of culture and art carefully hold memory of the great historical events.


The city guests are welcomed by the bronze station warden on the background of the ancient station (1902). The main place for strolling is Pervomaiskaya and Lenin streets, which go hand in hand through the city center.  Pervomaiskaya is a popular spot, which is remarkable for its cafes and shops.

Here you can find the Mogilev Regional Art Museum is not only a guardian of masterpieces of the 17th-19th centuries but also a great architectural specimen. The building of the farmers’ land bank, which harmoniously combined modern, Neo-Russian style and late Classicism, and once housed museums and newspaper offices was built in 1903–1914.

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Lenin Street, running parallel to Pervomayskaya,  is one of the most beautiful pedestrian streets in the country. Here you can find the most famous sights of Mogilev. Much of local built environment dates back to imperial times.

The street is divided by the Square of Stars featuring the world’s only monument to the stargazer and the sundial consisting of 12 chairs symbolizing the Zodiac signs. For luck you are supposed to sit in one of the 12 chairs, make a wish then walk full circle around the star gazer before touching the finger you can reach.

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Pervomayskaya and Lenin streets merge into Glory Square, located on the high bank of the Dnieper River. Continue Tax Free shopping and create a harmonious look, representing the intertwining of classics and novelty, combined with practicality and versatility: Burvin brand store offers incredibly moving women’s clothing, Kravt cosmetic & perfume store - the products of leading world firms.

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Glory square offers quite a view into the river valley, as well as into residential area, and magnificent the Dnieper bridge.