All personal information is entered into the Tax Free system, it is protected in a proper manner to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure. Passport and banking card number data don’t hand over to 3rd party, it is used exclusively for personal identity.
Send your Tax Free Form to RUE Beltamozhservice:
РУП «Белтаможсервис» Беларусь, г. Минск, пр-т. Дзержинского 104А, офис 11.4
RUE Beltamozhservice, 104A Dzerzhinsky ave. office 11.4, Minsk, Belarus
Banking cards of Visa or MasterCard multinational financial services.
To get VAT Refund send to us the export validated first part of Tax Free Form (the blue one) with sales receipts.
The shop assistant gave you 2 parts of the Tax Free Form: the first part (the blue one) and the duplicate of the second part (the yellow one) for Customs Authorities.
At Customs Checkpoint a customer officer will take the second part of Tax Free Form. You should take the first blue part of Tax Free Form.
Make sure that the first part of Tax Free Form contains export validation, original purchase receipts, your banking card number (16 sings) and validity, which are correct and legible.
We kindly ask you to point out your contacts to reduce the failure risk. We will contact you in case we need to discuss some contentious issues.
Probably, your Tax Free Form has not come to us yet or it's been less than 30 days since the date of registration. Or your refund is denied.
  • Personal data on Tax Free Form does not correspond to passport data
  • A customer doesn’t produce a travel document (at shop or on Custom Desk)

  • A customer sends us the wrong part of Tax Free Form (not the first part)

  • Lack of sales receipts

  • A customer is a EACU- resident

  • VAT amount is incorrect or not pointed out

  • Sale receipt and Tax Free Form data don’t match

  • Lack of export validation on Tax Free Form

  • Confirmation deadline is expired (6 months following the export of goods)

  • Customs Authorities refuse to provide you with export validation

  • Total amount of purchase is less than 80 BYN

Contact us for more details about your VAT Refund in any convenient way.

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