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20 Февраля 2019

The list of check points where foreign citizens can get a refund of value added tax in cash for purchases in Belarus has been expanded.


12 Февраля 2019

In the gift shop of the hotel "Green Park" .....


5 Февраля 2019

“Strana mini” is the only museum of miniatures not just in Minsk, but throughout the country. Its exposition, which consists of exact replicas of Belarusian sights with the surrounding area, will interest both children and adults. In addition, some historical scenes are restored for your greater immersion in the history. Guests of the Museum become active participants during the visit as each miniature has its own interactive features.


15 Января 2019

The mechanism of VAT refund to foreign citizens for purchased goods is applied in many countries of the world, in order to improve the attractiveness of trade and the development of tourism.


12 Декабря 2018

Magic holidays are coming… The time of Christmas and New Year presents.

If you’re still thinking over the gifts for the friends, relatives, lovers… Don't sweat it, the majority of fashion brands have already taken care to help you make up your mind.


30 Мая 2018

Tax Free partners offer extensive collections of footwear for sunny season.


22 Января 2018

There are more than 360 Tax Free stores in Belarus now, offering you a variety of goods from jewelry, clothing, and shoes to household appliances.


17 Января 2018

Exquisite Jewellery Fashion remains unchanged. Use Tax Free in the network of Tsarskoe Zoloto and Zolotaia Mechta brand stores.  


19 Декабря 2017

December… Winter… Poor daylight… Is this not the cause to wear bright colours?
Choosing Grodno as Shopping Centre, you create a background for individual image. 


27 Ноября 2017

We invite you to Tax Free Shopping 


14 Ноября 2017

Purchase brand watches and jewelries using Tax Free at our New Strores in Minsk.


13 Ноября 2017

Grodno has been always considered as the large trade, crafts and arts center; it was the capital of several principalities… Nowadays Grodno is the District Centre, significant transport hub and charming tourist point. 


6 Ноября 2017
Autumn is an awesome time for experiments with peculiar clothes combinations, wear-behavior of layered clothing and stylish total-looks. Make purchases with Tax Free and be Trendy today.


18 Октября 2017

We invite you to enjoy Tax Free shopping at Belorysskiy mech Stores


21 Сентября 2017

New stores in Tax Free Belarus!


13 Сентября 2017

Vitebsk is a city of contrasts. Today Vitebsk is proud of its architectural ensembles, monuments and its history. Meanwhile you can combine walking around the city with shopping, saving 12,5% on your purchases with Tax Free service.

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