How to shop Tax Free

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How to shop Tax Free                     

Get Tax Free Form

When paying for purchases, ask a shop assistant to fill in the Tax Free Form, your passport or another equivalent identity document will be required. There are three parts of the Tax Free Form; you will get the first part and the duplicate of the second part for Customs Authorities, and a prepaid envelope. 

Please, check the data accuracy in the Form:

  • personal information in Section 1 – Customer
  • purchase details in Section 3 – Description of goods
  • a sales assistant signature and a shop stamp in Section 5 – Stamp of shop
  • original purchase receipts must be attached to the first part of the Form

Remember: Incorrectly filled Form – No refund

Stamp Tax Free Form

The Tax Free Form must be export validated within 3 months after the shopping day. Export validation is a Customs stamp on your Form in Section 6 – Export validation stamp.  A customer officer takes the second part of the Form, you take the first one. Make sure your purchased goods are unused, they must be available for Customs Authorities in original undamaged package.

Remember: No Export validation stamp– No Refund

Send Tax Free Form

  • fill in Section 4 – Method of refund: the number of a valid credit card and your signature are obligatory
  • put your Form in the provided special envelope
  • use the special mailbox at Custom Checkpoint or post the envelope from another country for free

You should mail the Form within 6 months following the export of goods.

Be careful while filling the Form, make sure that your bank card number and validity are correct and legible. Bank card number must contain 16 sings, no need to fill in a bank account number.

Incorrect bank card number – No Refund

You will get VAT refund paid to your credit card within 30 days following the receipt of the letter.