Tax Free is the VAT refund system for foreign residents.

Tax Free Shopping is eligible for foreign residents (non-Eurasian Customs Union (EACU)). If you reside within the territory of the EACU, you cannot shop Tax Free. Nowadays the EACU comprises Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia.

Goods, which are subject to VAT at 20%, are available for Tax Free. Excisable goods and goods with 10% VAT cannot be VAT refunded. Almost all goods are eligible for Tax Free Shopping except tobacco products, alcohol, food stuffs, goods for kids and fuels. 

Take notice of Tax Free logo in a shop window or by a cash register, or simply ask shop staff whether they offer Tax Free Shopping. Please also visit our special page.

Yes, you should spend at least 80 BYN in one store on the same day to claim VAT refund.

Your VAT refund is equal to 12,5% of the purchase amount.  

When paying for purchases, ask a shop assistant to fill in the Tax Free Form. Check the data accuracy in the Tax Free Form: personal information, purchase details, original purchase receipts should be attached to the first part of the Form. 

The shop assistant will give you Tax Free Form, the prepaid envelope and the shopping guide.  Present your duly completed Tax Free Form at Customs to obtain Export validation stamp. Put the Tax Free Form in the prepaid envelope, drop it in the special mailbox at Customs Checkpoint or post it from another country. 

VAT Refund Cheque/Tax Free Form Number (Cheque №) is an identification number of theTax Free Form, which is displayed at the top right corner of the Form.

You can check the status of your refund by using 'track my refund' service on our website: fill in Cheque № for that.

Export validation is a principle step in VAT refund, it proves that the purchased goods were exported from Belarus. Only export validated Tax Free Form can be refunded; export validation is a Customs stamp. Present your purchased goods, the Tax Free Form, receipts and passport at Customs to obtain Export validation stamp.

You can receive export validation on Customs Desk at border checkpoints or at the Airport. 

Make sure your purchased goods are unused, they must be available for Customs Authorities in original undamaged package. Customs Authorities may refuse to export validate your Tax Free Form if they see that goods have been used. Without export validation (a Customs stamp), no refund can be provided. 

Customs officers are always present at the airport for customs clearing and processing.

Your Tax Free Form must be export validated within 3 months after the shopping day.

Put export validated Tax Free Form in the provided prepaid envelope, drop it in the special mailbox at Customs Checkpoint or post it from another country.
No, you can receive your VAT refund on any Visa or Mastercard banking card, registered on a foreign resident.

A sales assistant will provide you with a prepaid Tax Free envelope. You can send your Tax Free Form for free using this envelope outside Belarus or drop it in the special mailbox at Customs Checkpoint.

Currently there is one method of refund – to banking card, indicated in your Tax Free Form. 

We will pay VAT refund to your banking card within 30 days after the receipt of your Tax Free Form.
You should send export validated Tax Free Form with receipts within 6 months following the export of goods.
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