About brands: Tax Free shoes

26 Октября 2020



LINXS stylish footwear center is a European store format with high quality service; diverse range of footwear that meets modern style and lifestyle of people who strive for self-expression and want to emphasize their individuality. LINXS offers women’s, men’s, children’s footwear, bags, leather goods and shoe care cosmetics.


Over 50 years of development at the international market, the company has accumulated unique experience in the production of high quality, comfortable and elegant footwear, and has found love and recognition of its customers.
The source of inspiration for the creation of ECCO footwear is nature. The main advantages of this unique footwear are the unity of form and functionality, elegant simplicity and style.
When creating ECCO shoes, only high-quality soft and elastic leather is used. In addition, classic forms and maximum adaptability of the footwear to the movements of the foot makes it indispensable for life in the city.
Stores are located in Minsk (Shopping Centers “Galleria Minsk”, “Metropol”, “Zamok” and “Expobel”) and Gomel (Shopping Center “Secret”).



«Marko» promises to glad their customers with new collections and available prices, various media blitz, games and offers. The merit of the company is achieving a high degree of customer’s loyalty.
The purchase of new pair of shoes can improve your mood and transform style.
Shoes is in demand at the cold months when important not only fashionable models, but quality of the product.
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Kari’s assortment fit for familial conservative audience and youth that follows trends and new collections. There are wide range of products, high quality and flexible pricing policy. Kari do their best to please loyal customers and new purchasers.
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RYLKO is a polish company that transfers experience of making shoes from one generation to another. All stages of production are carried out in Poland. RYLKO is a family-owned company and the main aims are to satisfy their clients and improve the product. RYLKO creates shoes with the best quality of leather, which is processed by the technologies they have developed. Сareful blocks selection makes an ideal shoes for every foot. Due to usage of natural materials, forming the inside of the shoe clients can feel a comfort. RYLKO is one of the most famous shoe brands on the polish market. Rating of the brands (in particular “Rzeczpospolita”) confirms it every year. Three store chains in Minsk (Galleria Minsk mall, МоМо mall and Dana Mall) are connected to Tax Free system.