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20 Марта 2019

During the archaeological excavations, scientists has found that both men and women both wore jewelry in the Ancient Egypt. 

The Egyptians preferred the luxury, rarity, and workability of gold over other metals. Gold jewellery to the high status of the person.

It’s hard today to find someone who doesn’t wear jewelry. It inspires, delights, creates new traditions.
Tax Free expands the boundaries of cost-effective jewelry shopping.

Now the Tax Free check can be issued also in the following stores:
I"M (9 Pobediteley ave., Minsk, Shopping center GALLERIA MINSK);
7 Karat (81 Kosmonavtov ave., Grodno, Shopping center ALMI);
ORO Jewelry Store (5 P.Glebki str., Minsk, Shopping center SKALA (ground floor).

Enjoy the shopping!!!