Christmas and New Year gifts

30 Декабря 2020

Christmas and New Year gifts for men
Belarusian brands Galanteya and Mattioli have prepared classic, but at the same time, highly appreciated by men accessories for the New Year.
Diary covers, inkbottles, ballpoint pens, inkwells and other stationery purchased in Ziko with the Tax Free system will please your boss or colleague.
A spectacular collection of colored accessories for men is presented in large department stores in Belarus connected to the Tax Free system - a suitable gift for people with a subtle sense of humor.
A set of cufflinks and a tie clip can be considered as such an unusual, beautiful and practical present. Such gift will appeal to a business man, since these elegant products will surely find application in his wardrobe. You can purchase such accessories with the Tax Free system in the following stores: 7 Karat, Zolotaya Mechta, Tsarskoe Zoloto, Beluvelirtorg, Slavia, Time, Swisstime, MJF. 

Christmas and New Year gifts for women
Image 1.pngA Christmas and New Year's gift for woman be expensive – the main goal is to evoke positive emotions. A beautiful purse, gloves, a neck scarf - original and useful gifts can be found in large department stores in Minsk (TSUM, GUM, Kirmash) and regional cities. Jewelry, perfume or beauty products are also suitable. However, when you choose such gifts, you must be sure that you know your girlfriend's tastes well. You can choose original earrings or ring in the I’m and Pandora chain of stores. 

Christmas and New Year gifts for friends
There is a tradition to present each other a guardian angel on this wonderful holiday. It can be figurines from various materials: chocolate, porcelain, wood, fabric etc. This marvelous holiday also is an occasion for gift from fur: mittens, scarves, backpack or handbag. You can acquire such accessories under the Tax Free system in Belarus in stores and company shops “Belarusian fur” and “Kingdom of fur” 

Christmas and New Year gifts for children
Image 2.pngThe most habitual gifts for children on Christmas and New Year are candies. In order to make non-ordinary gift you can cook candies with Christmas symbols. The great choice is a gingerbread in a shape of angel, Christmas tree, heart; candy gift sets. You can buy it under the Tax Free system in Belarus in stores in the sections of food products. In order to transform candies into a Christmas gift you can collect it together in the Christmas tree shape or the shape of bouquet of flowers. You can use tape, slats and colored wire. Creation of such present will take a lot of strength, but the joy and delight of children is guaranteed.