Elegance and timeless style Neman

17 Марта 2021

Every day “Neman” produce: glasses, pitchers, dishes, sugar bowls, salad bowls, vases, souvenirs…And it is not full list of items, produced by plant.
Items “Neman” is ideal suit for hotels, restaurants, shops and home. You can decorate every holiday thanks to a cute souvenir or a real work of art of handmade.
Also glass plant produce high quality awards and gifts for clients all over the word, using specialized techniques of crystal and glass engraving. “Neman” strives to build permanent relationships, meeting and exceeding the expectations of our partners in every deal. Unique lines with a unique character “Neman” will not leave anyone indifferent!
Production of glass plant can be purchased under the Tax Free system in stores at addresses:
Nezavisimosti av 3-2, Mall “Stolitsa”, Minsk
Nezavisimosti av, 55, Minsk
V. Khoruzhei str., 25, Minsk
Karbysheva str., 42, Brest
Trudovaya str., 3, Gomel
Karbysheva str., 32, Grodno
Zamkovaya str., 5, Lida
Korzyuka str., 6, Berezovka

Web-site www.neman.by
Instagram http://www.instagram.com/glassworksneman/
VK http://vk.com/glassworksneman
Internet shop http://shop.neman.by