Festival of the drinks, jams, pies

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12 Марта 2019

There are unusual dishes, culinary tricks and specialties in every region of country. You can get to know them at food festivals.
The Fruits and Berries Festival
Fresh, boiled and dry fruits can be found in the national Belarusian dishes.
The Fruits and Berries Parade in June opens the Luninetsk Strawberries Festival. Drinks, jams, pies are made from this sweet berry. You can appreciate the unusual combination of strawberries with fish and meat.
The Cherry Festival takes place every year in the middle of July in the city of Glubokoe, where, for sure, the Cherry Queen will be chosen.
Connoisseurs of wild berries are invited to visit the Polotsk Eco-Blueberry Festival, which is held in July. Berries will be sold fresh and dried. Also you can try compotes, fruit drinks and unusual thick liqueurs. 

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In September laky Vitebsk region boasts a cranberry crop at the festival “Cranes and Сranberries” in Miory. It is worth to stock up in advance on dried berries.
Rural Tourism Festivals
In August agrotown Motol invites to the festival of culinary excellence "Motalsky Prysmakі". Guests will get acquainted with traditional dishes of Polesie and will participate in competitions.
The Gaspadarchy Cheese Festival in Slavgorod invites to try more than 30 types of homemade cheese, to get acquainted with the techniques of their preparation and to come to the tasting.
 Lovers of meat and dense food can not miss the May Festival of Barbecue in Logoisk. Unusual combinations of meat, sausages, dishes from farmsteads are waiting for all tourists.