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26 Марта 2021

Outdoor games
Spending weekend outdoors, in a park or in the yard could be useful and fun if you play outdoor games. By playing with peers or parents, children not only learn how to remember and follow the rules, but also to make efforts to win, work as a team and, sometimes, to lose.
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Here are some ideas:
1. Hopscotch, Hide and seek, Cops and Robbers, Playing Catch, String Game, etc. and other games of our childhood. Tell your kids what games you enjoyed playing with your friends.
2. Badminton - perfectly develops body coordination.
3. Frisbee, boomerangs, kites, gliders - tame the air element together!
4. Ball games:
- for schoolchildren and teenagers: volleyball, football, basketball, etc.;
- for small kids "Edible-Inedible" Game, Dodgeball, "I know 5 names" Game and other ball games;
- Bowling with plastic pins or bottles.
5. Games with a jump rope.
6. Drawing with crayons.
7. Digging the largest hole or building a castle from wet sand in a sandbox. You will need shovels, molds, buckets, watering cans - the more, the better!
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