Knitted materials in the frame of Tax Free system

21 Апреля 2021

franchise-422.jpgSERGE is a leading brand in the lingerie and knitwear segment in the Republic of Belarus, which has won the love and trust of customers. SERGE is a multiple winner of the international competition “Choice of the Year” in the nomination “Knitted underwear №1 in Belarus”. The list of stores, which are connected to the Tax Free system, can be found here.

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Mark Formelle presents clothes that you can wear with pleasure. The products of this brand give beauty, warmth and comfort. The clothes are made of cotton. All garments, despite the widest assortment, have an attractive and always modern appearance. The list of shops connected to the Tax Free system can be found here.

Why Belarusian knitwear are so valued

Belarusian knitwear from the manufacturer has a number of quality characteristics, unique features: material density, strength, ductility, practicality and aesthetics.