7 Октября 2021

For 40 years, the MUSIC store has been the official seller of music, concert and DJ equipment on the territory of the Republic of Belarus (Minsk). We are official distributor and supplier of products of YAMAHA, Sennheiser, Kawai, Casio and dozens of other manufacturers.

Shop “MUSIC” carries out direct deliveries of musical goods of more than 75 well-known brands from Russia, Germany, Italy, France, the Czech Republic, Japan, the USA. Since many supplier companies have production facilities in different countries of the European Community, as well as in Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa and Australia, in fact, musical instruments and goods from all over the world are supplied to the stores. A wide range of regular suppliers allows you to satisfy the most unpredictable wishes of customers.
Also, in the branded stores "Music" you can make purchases using the Tax Free system (only non-residents of the EAEU). You can find out more about the list of stores connected to the system on our website.