Neman shop chain.

31 Марта 2022

Daily “Neman” produces: glasses, wineglasses, shot glasses, decanters, dishes, sugar bowls, vases, souvenirs…This is not the whole list of goods produced by the glassworks.
The products of “Neman” glassworks are ideal for hotels, restaurants, shops and home. You can decorate any holiday with a lovely souvenir or a real piece of handmade art.
The glassworks also produces high-quality awards and gifts for customers all over the world using specialized crystal and glass engraving techniques. “Neman” glassworks strives to build permanent relationships, meeting and exceeding expectations of our partners in every transaction.
The unique lines with a unique Neman character will leave no one indifferent.
Save with Tax Free 15% (only for nonresidents of the Eurasian Economic Union).