14 Мая 2021

A lot depends on how comfortable and well-made the sandals or shoes are:
• health (foot shaping of babies, posture and gait of pupils);
• well-being (if boot is rubbing, falling off, foot is sweating, kid will be constantly uncomfortable);
• tidy look;
• family budget – low-quality items have to be repaired or regularly update, after all the most of children wear stuff sloppy.

You are available to arrange Tax Free on products with rate VAT 20% and save on purchase 12,5%. Shop in Grodno (av. Y. Kupaly 87 Mall “Triniti”) is cconnected to the Tax Free system.
Child life is amazing! To understand it and to create all conditions for healthy and happy childhood is the main task of parents and ShagoVita. Not every shoe can handle it!