Shopping Gomel

14 Августа 2017

Gomel  is the city of shady aisles, broad avenues, historical buildings… one of the most beautiful cities in Belarus city with rich culture and history, and, literary,  its own spirit. 

Once you arrive in Gomel, start your day at the true heart of the city – Sovetskaia street at and make your way to St. Peter and Paul Orthodox Cathedral.

You shouldn't miss exclusive treasures and wristwatches at 7 Karat, Kristall and Rubin, latest autumn notivies at Kravt, crystal glassware and original souvenirs at Neman Glasswork brand store … Take advantage of Tax Free service while shopping in the heart of the city and save 12.5%. 

When you get to historical part of the city, take a rest and enjoy a sweet moment over a cup of aromatic coffee, hot tea or a refreshing drink in a charming café on coast of the Sozh river.

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Central Gomel is a goldmine of historical architectural treasures: the Palace of the Rumyantsevs and the Paskeviches, one of Belarus’ most popular sites, the legendary Hunter House, ancient park with exotic trees, flower gardens, grottos, fountains and summerhouses, the Drama Theatre, the Gomel Circus etc.


After lunch make your way to Lenina avenue. Stop in at Kommentern, Burvin and ECCO for unique stunning outfit, charming jewellery from Rubin, Kristal or Malackhitovaia shkatulka will help you to finish your image.

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For your next dose of retail therapy, take a stroll to the south-east.Olimp Department Store, smaller and cheaper than the swanky department stores, is perfect for budget travelers. Not far away Kolesoplus proposes wide range of auto – goods.

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