Shopping in the frame of Tax Free System in 2020

15 Января 2021

900 shops are for now connected to the Tax Free system.
In 2020, foreigners made the largest volume of purchases in the following brand stores: 

Image 1.png
1. Ekko (shoes);
2. Beluvelirtorg (jewelery products);
3. TSUM (shoes, clothing, jewelry, etc.);
4. GUM (shoes, clothing, jewelry, etc.);
5. Elema (clothing);
6. Timegroup international (Pandora, I’m, Time chain stores) (jewelry, watches);
7. Hapistroy (goods for summer cottages);
8. Lida Shopping Center (shoes, clothing, jewelry, etc.);
9. Kravt (toiletry);
10. Luch (watches).
Most of the shops that are connected to the Tax Free system are either in shopping or entertainment centers. It is not only a shopping area, but also a place for meetings, relaxation, romantic dates and other pleasant emotions.
More information about the Tax Free system can be found on our official website or you can get the required information by phone: +375 17 259 75 92 (8.30-17.30 Mon-Fri).