Tax Free: A leather goods and accessories

4 Августа 2017

The history of leather goods and accessories development is as diverse as the history of suits, since they came on the scene almost simultaneously and have changed over the centuries. Leather goods are divided into 3 groups according to the purposes: money and document wallets, travel goods, articles of clothing.

They include:

  • stylish belt

  • trendy card case

  • convenient document wallet

  • purse or money clip

  • briefcase and handbag

  • any fashionable leather accessor of your favorite color and design

Elegant leather goods as well as shoes, briefcases and bags, are considered to be of black, brown, reddish or beige colour.  As for accessories, they should be strict and delicate, not glaring. Avoid items overloaded with metals, rivets, flashy zippers etc., they do not meet the standard of good taste. Stylish trendy handbag, belt, purse, or card holder pays attention at first sight: to a certain extent, it highlights status and taste of a person.

Therefore, be careful while choosing leather accessories to create image that fits perfectly with your unique character.

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