Tax Free: Jewellery

9 Августа 2017

Contemporary jewellуry fashion offers a variety of images, original and bold design ideas. Naturally, highly important harmonically match jewellery with clothing and other accessories. Department Stores and most jewellery chain stores in Belarus provide the opportunity for foreigners to save 12,5% on charming jewellery.

The first essential rule for choosing accessories for secular event or business meeting: avoid wearing jewels of different materials they’re made from. Women are discouraged from wearing gold with silver, as well as from combing bijouterie with precious jewellery or native metals: wood, leather etc. The combination of metals is possible just in the case if one of jewels already contains gold and silver. 

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The rule of three. Mix accessories, but there should be no more than 3 of them. And of course, they should match each other in terms of color, style, and metal. Exception to the rule can be a chain on your belt or an ankle bracelet.

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Coordinate Jewellery and Clothes

These are the basic rules: Blue and Green Outfits go with white pearls, Purple outfits – with citrine, gold tone jewelry & even green emeralds, Red outfits - emerald jewelry, Black outfits go with any color. Neutral outfits  - with diamonds and black jewelry, All outfits go well with diamonds! Wide bracelets fit in with smooth fabric or ethnic style clothing. At the office don’t let your jewellery shine brighter than your professional skills: it should have a subdued richness and elegance: small classic items will be preferable. Going to the theater or to the commemorative event afford yourself luxury collection, don’t be shy.

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And remember, jewellery should emphasize your appearance, not divert from, as the main treasure is your femininity.