Welcome To Lida with Tax Free

26 Мая 2017

Lida is the most convenient shopping destination for Baltic tourist: it is located less than 100 km far from Vilnius and just 45 km away from Belarus – Lithuania border.
Do shopping and save 12.5% with Tax Free in:

  • Department stores: Dom Torgovli, Domovityi, Potsdam, Komsomol’skii, Rodnyi kut;
  • Zhemchuzhina and Tsarskoe Zoloto jewelry stores;
  • Neman Glassworks Brand store;
  • Marko shoe store.

In Lida Tax Free shopping can be lightly combined with sightseeing, such as grand Lida Castle, built by the order of The Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas for protection against the Teutonic Knights’ assaults, the Roman Catholic Church of the Exaltation of the Cross, the Late Classicism Church of St. Joseph.